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- We are now going to post Hamachi servers on our facebook page!

- We have over 1,000 likes on our facebook page!

- We soon might have a Youtube Channel!

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Welcome to Non Premium Minecraft Servers website, this was also created by the owner of Non Premium Minecraft Servers (NPMS) on Facebook we hope that this will get our page more attention on the web.We here at NPMS host a wide selection of servers from PVP-Creative and much more we are hopeing that this website and our Facebook page will help you find the server best fit for Non Premium members like myself I soon do wish to someday soon have my own Premium account and server to play on but it will be a Non Premium server and I will still be apart of this company, on another hand I would like to say if some servers do not work we at NPMS are sorry more servers will come every month but we all hope you like our website please look at the server page and read about us it would be of great help.
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Non Premium Minecraft Servers